Summertime Safety

Summertime Safety!

Well, hot dog! It’s summertime again.

Keep your best friend safe and happy with the following tips:

• Provide plenty of shade and water.
• Limit exercise on hot days.
• Never, ever leave your dog in your car.
• If the sounds of summer (thunder, fireworks, construction, etc.) are causing your dog to be stressed, ask us about a new way of treating that calms without sedating.


Most Common Triggers and Behaviors


Most common triggers:
  • *Fireworks
  • *Thunder
  • *Celebrations
  • *Construction work
  • *Traffic or street noise
  • *Vacuum


Most common behaviors:
  • *Pacing or restlessness
  • *Lip licking
  • *Trembling or shaking
  • *Panting
  • *Excessive vigilance or hypervigilance
  • *Cowering
  • *Hiding
  • *Brow furrowed or ears back
  • *Owner seeking behavior or abnormal clinginess
  • *Yawning
  • *Vocalizing (whining or barking at the sounds)
  • *Refuses to eat
  • *Freezing or immobility

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